Following evaluation of the current precautionary measures against the Covid-19 situation, a set of club specific measures have been compiled and can be found by clicking here. If you wish to use the facilities during the ongoing period then please be guided and conform to the attached measures to encourage safety amongst our membership.

I would stress that these are based upon the CURRENT processes that are in place from the Government and controlling sport bodies and may therefore be modified at short notice if external precautions change in any manner.

The booking system that has been set up does not allocate any particular days/sessions to specific mats as only 1 group may use the clubhouse per session. If we find this is presenting booking conflicts then the schedule will be reviewed to evaluate defined times on each mat. Instructions for the booking system can be found in the post dated 22nd September.

For those members that are not on computer we request that another member acts as their booking partner and renders assistance by booking for them. If you have lost your details for website access / login / password then please contact John French for a refresh of details.

Chris Johns – MBBC Secretary