All Members – your help is required

The club needs your help in a number of areas to continue functioning efficiently.  Please consider the requests below and help where you can.

Assistance for Catering: On 14th & 15th July Mylor Bridge is hosting the County Ladies over 55’s pairs competition. Anyone able to assist with the catering on those days, please place your name on the relevant sheet on the notice board nearest the bar, or advise Elaine Beckton.

Assistance for Club maintenance:  The maintenance party on Tuesday mornings is again shrinking back to just a few dedicated members.  To keep the grounds in a good condition (including your playing green), it requires more volunteers.  An example of what is required is trimming back the hedging along the driveway entrance. If you are able to offer your time, we start around 9 a.m. every Tuesday and finish around midday, with a break for a chat over a cuppa.  If you can help but are not able to attend on a Tuesday morning, please contact Jeff Askew and he will arrange for you to have access to any equipment you may require.

Assistance at games: It has been noted that the task of setting up rink equipment is repeatedly falling on to the same persons each time, with players not arriving until just before the match starts. Please attend games in good time so you are able to help placing out green equipment.  For those who would like to help but are unfamiliar with the requirements, the usual set up is as follows; Each rink in use requires one jack and one scoreboard, and both ends of each rink need a mat, measuring stick, ditch marker blocks for jack and wood, bowls gatherer.  These can still be put out even if the actual rinks to be used are not known, thereby making it a quick exercise, once they have been decided.  Equally important is putting equipment away after a match; don’t leave it for just one or two stalwarts.

We have around 80 members.  If only half offered their services in one way or another, there would be no issues regarding these requirements being met.