Booking System – clarification

A few key points to clear up some apparent confusion.

  1. The ‘booking’ system is not specifically a green/rinks booking tool. It is used for that but also to notify members of other factors which may affect green or club availability.
  2. It replaces the old ‘diary’ system, which required a visit to the club to reserve or notify usage. Now it can all be done remotely, although there is a manual option on the noticeboard.
  3. Each day is divided into 30 minute time slots.  These are NOT booking periods, but simply start times. There are two slots for each time, to allow two separate events to start at the same time.
  4. You only need one slot for an event, regardless of how many rinks you require and for how long, or to notify members of some other reservation. It doesn’t matter if events overlap.
  5. Examples of other notifications could be hosting a county event, partial or total green closure for maintenance, or a meeting or social event which affects clubhouse availability.
  6. The ‘details’ box in the booking section is where you enter the event details, rinks required, how long required, details of clubhouse closure, etc. just as would have been put in a diary.
  7. No booking should be made without first checking there is availability for the date/time you require, just as you would do if using a diary. Quick links to fixtures and bookings are included.

The system was intended to be more diary than booking style, which provides the maximum flexibility and covers all eventualities.  As always, any suggestions or constructive comments are welcome.