County Proposals

Please find below selected proposals being submitted to Bowls Cornwall AGM.

There are others but it is the proposal from West End which would have an impact on the ladies’ section in Group 4.

A similar proposal was put forward a few years ago by Carnon Downs but was withdrawn.

The executive will need to vote next Monday on whether to support the proposal. I would be grateful for your thoughts to help inform our decision.

Liz Maunder

4.  Received from Newquay West End Bowling Club
Proposition 1 Proposed by M McCarthy and Seconded by N. Rochelle
“That up to 3 women (1 per rink) be allowed to play in League 2 games.”
The rationale for the proposition is:
Clubs with fewer men could compete at League 2 level.

Proposition 2 – Proposed by P. McCarthy Seconded by N Rochelle
“That Clubs be allowed to enter a maximum of 2 teams in any County league.”
The rationale for the proposition is:
Provide the potential for new players to join the smaller clubs that struggle for membership.

5. Proposition from Group 4 Officers R. Rowe, M Deamley & E Bray
Men’s Section County Bowling League
ADD to the end of Rule 6.4
“Where any team failing to complete their programmed League matches, a penalty of 15 points will be deducted from their accumulative points total.”
The rationale for this is:
To strengthen respect for the league structure.