Bowls England Propositions Feb. 2024 – voting results

Following on from the earlier item (below), please click the link to see the results of the Cornwall votes and the Bowls England AGM.

Bowls England propositions and voting results.


From David Woodman 6th Feb. 2024
Please find attached details of 19 propositions to be voted on at the Bowls England AGM.
You will notice the ridiculously short time for Clubs to consider their responses to these propositions ie the considered conclusions have to be returned to Bowls Cornwall by Tuesday 13th February so we have six days.
I don’t think most of the propositions will have a major effect on our Club, but if anyone has any comments to raise, let me know ASAP.

From Christine Hore (Bowls Cornwall)

I am attaching a document which I have just received from Bowls England which sets out 19 propositions, what they mean and the rationale for them .  These propositions will be voted on at the Bowls England AGM on the 24th February 2024.  Bowls England asked the Counties not to share these propositions with our members until this document had been received hence the short notice.

I should be grateful if you could share this information with your members and let me have a decision on behalf of your club as to whether your club is in favour of each proposition or not.  Regarding the Middleton Cup and Johns Trophy proposition you need to state whether your Club is in favour of a knock-out competition with a plate competition or for the competitions to played on a round robin basis as now.   If I do not get a response from your club by Tuesday morning it will be treated as an abstention.

Please let me have a response from you by Tuesday 13th February at 12 noon so that I can collate the views of every Club to put before the Bowls Cornwall Executive Board meeting on Wednesday morning 14th February 2024 so that our delegates can be informed as to how they should vote.

If you have any queries, please let me know.