Carpet Bowls Fun Evening

Friday 30th September at 6:45 p.m.
First of a series of fun evenings of carpet bowls through the winter season!  All are welcome which will give those who have never tried it, a chance to have a go and see how much fun it is

The format of the evening is;

  1. Arrive 18.45  (for up to 32 players)
  2. Pay £2 green fee
  3. Draw a colour out of the bag – 1 colour for one mat and the other colour for the other mat!
  4. You will then place yourself on one corner of said mat.  Whoever joins you is in your team for the evening!  You decide amongst yourselves as to which position you want to play.
  5. Play for 1 hour then stop for drinks – tea/coffee included in green fee or a beer etc if desired – not included in green fee but the bar will be open!!
  6. Restart the games with the same team but on opposite mat and opposite end!
  7. Game finishes between 21.20/21.30 to enable stowage of mats for following days games!
  8. Bar can reopen if required

Register your attendance on the website fixtures, as you would for an open fixture.