Charity Day

Club Charity Day – Sunday 31st July. This is an all day event, which this year the club is fund raising for “H&T Clients Charitable Trust Cancer”, who supported the treatment of Mike Diston’s daughter and other patients suffering from a rare type of cancer, not covered by funding from the NHS.

The reporting time is 09:30, and it is planned to be run as a mixed triples, round robin style, friendly competition with alternating periods of bowling and breaks (normally 55 minute slots).  Entry fee is £3 per player, with an optional bowls spider (£1) before the start of the game.  A pasty lunch (also optional) will be available for £5, plus all  regular tea/coffee/cake and bar facilities will be available at normal charge.  All profits will be donated to the club charity.  Members planning to attend, please indicate on the poster, which will be on the board shortly, also indicating your lunch requirements.