Cleaning Rota

The club operates on a volunteer basis for the majority of maintenance and upkeep requirements.  This includes the cleaning of the clubhouse, which is carried out on a rota basis.  With the relaxation of Covid restrictions, the rota has been re-introduced and is shown below.  New members are included and a list of the jobs involved is also shown,

If you are unable to do the week you have been allocated, please arrange a swap with another team if possible, or contact Jan Barnard (details in member directory) to rearrange. Jan will also help if you have any queries about equipment and materials.

Please liaise with each other to agree which day of the week you will carry out the cleaning.

Basic list of jobs:
Vacuum/sweep clubhouse floor. Wipe tables/chairs/window sills
Clean all toilet areas (Including toilets, sinks window sills and floors)
Vacuum all changing rooms and empty bins as necessary
Clean kitchen area including floor (although this should be done after each use)

Week commencing (Sunday)
23 /5/21 Jan Barnard Heather Ward Fred Ward
30/5/21 Elaine Beckton Wendy Banwell Richard Griffin
6/6/21 Tony Hill Sue Hill Sue Rath
13/6/21 Judy Chinn Chris Johns Frances Walther
20/6/21 Margaret Green Byron Green Ernest Drysdale
27/6/21 Wendy Fowler Janella Horne Kevin Horne
4/7/21 Janet Moule David House Adrian Poole
11/7/21 Janet Peacock David Peacock Mavis Parker
18/7/21 Christine Robinson Lucie Sulch Trevor Sulch
25/7/21 Ron Weatherhead Margaret Weatherhead Rosemary Dale
1/8/21 Ian Dodd Elaine Dodd Keith Duff
15/8/21 Maggie Coe Mike Coe Carole Barnett
22/8/21 Colin Bowden Lyn Jenkin David Jenkin
29/8/21 Mike Diston Sarah Bradbear Paul Bradbear
5/9/21 David Commerford June Commerford Linda Storey
12/9/21 Brian Jeffries Carol Jeffries Jean Parke
19/9/21 Martin Almond Carole Woodman David Woodman
26/9/21 Chris Lane Leon Simpkin Liz Maunder
3/10/21 Elaine Beckton Simon Vincer Jackie Hart
10/10/21 Frank Derbyshire Kevin Phillips Cordelia Folland
17/10/21 Tony Brown Jenny Collins Norma Thomas
24/10/21 Jan Barnard Sarah Curnow Liz Maunder