Club Competition entries – update

I have noted that my previous messages stated Monday 10th as closing date, but on the letter which was attached to the entry form it stated Saturday 13th May (which doesn’t actually exist).

I’m aware that a couple of members were planning to put their entries in the box at today’s game, which having been cancelled would mean a special journey just for that, so I can confirm that I plan to leave the entry box in place until evening of Thursday 13th May when I should be at the club for a league game and will collect it then.


Just a reminder that we have set the 10th May (now 13th) as being the final day for entries to this years club competitions. At this time we have 7 Ladies and 8 Men that have made entries; it would be nice to have a few more of each (particularly in singles events) to make it more of an event.

Please try to get some more entries into the box by the 13th May, and then we will have a draw for games soon after.

Chris Johns – Secretary