Winter Short-Mat Bowling – reminder

Please see earlier message below and respond if interested. We need to submit our registration this month.


It’s difficult to understand a message at this time of year regarding the next winter season, but that’s how far ahead some of the sports organising bodies work. We will in a few weeks time be required to affiliate any members that wish to play Short Mat Bowls in League teams next Winter. This generally involves 2 teams of 6 players each plus reserves and does incur a significant affiliation cost per person entered.

Therefore, whilst the Short Mat and Carpet Bowls facilities at our club are generally free & fully available to all members during winter months, we now request that any member who wishes to be registered to play in the Cornwall Short Mat league for Winter 2021/22 to please inform Frank Derbyshire, who is our club’s contact with Cornwall County Short Mat Association.

Frank’s contact details can be found in the member directory.