Club Housekeeping

Two items of concern were brought to the committee’s attention this week, which has prompted this request for all members to take best care of the club facilities.

  1. A committee member attended the club at 09:30 on a recent morning and arrived to find the main door locked but the central emergency door held fully open with it’s bolt. No one was present so we have to assume that this had been open overnight since the games the previous day. We have also previously had reports of the central emergency door not being shut fully to engage the latch. If you are the last one out of the club please ensure that ALL doors (including any changing rooms that may have been in use) and windows are fully shut and secured/locked.
  2. During a recent game when it started raining, the spectators that were present retreated inside the club, leaving the cushions on the external benches in the rain. Whilst these items do have an element of weather proofing, just a moment’s attention to bring them in out of the rain would have been a much better protection. Please do take care with all club equipment, it is your fees that pay for the items and the longer/better we can maintain those items then the less impact it will have on the club’s expenditure. Also if you spill or drop any drink/food within the club please do clean it up; don’t leave it for someone else.