Corona Summer Pairs League 2020

Summer Pairs League – updates.

5th August (week 6)

What a disappointment for most of us. Although I am sure Sue has a smile on her face tonight. Doubly frustrating as the sun is now shining!

My apologies to all of those playing this afternoon for not being able to advise you earlier, and especially those who had to travel a while. The morning group just about completed their games before it started to rain. I was in the mid session group which then started to play and was hoping to continue, albeit with interruptions, but the rain got harder and more persistent. It was hoped it would ease off but as soon as Jeff started to inspect it became obvious it was both dangerous and unpleasant.

Should the afternoon group wish to make their own arrangements to play these games at another time then please do so. The same applies to the games which did not finish. At present each team in an unplayed game has been awarded a draw, and for those in the unfinished games the result on the card stands. Those results can though be updated if further play takes place.

With the hope that we will soon be able to play the 4 games in each group at the same time please watch your inbox for updates on times as we may well be able to revert to a 10 am and 2 pm start time for all in the groups.

Click here for the round 2 scores and tables. although these may change if unplayed/unfinished matches are completed. The individual table combines rounds 1 & 2 and has little meaning at present but will become more relevant as the round progresses.


29th July (week 5)

Congratulations to Kevin and Mike who recovered from last week’s disappointment to snatch victory over Chris and Roger today and in so doing take top place overall by a shot difference of just 5.

Second were obviously Chris and Roger, who also deserve our congratulations for a great display, but after that came 5 teams all on 6 points, who could be separated only by shot difference. Modesty forbids too much praise on who managed to scrape into third place but well done Byron! (All the score cards are available for independent audit upon request).

Kevin and Mike therefore topped Group 1 whilst Byron and his partner topped Group 2.  The full results and tables can be found here.

Next week sees the start of the second round of games. We now have 32 players, so will divide into 2 groups of 8, each playing 7 games. With only 3 rinks available this means a new arrangement with 1 game from each group being played in the 12 to 2 slot each week.  The new pairings are shown below. I trust they suit everybody but please bear in mind the need to try to ensure that husbands and wives play in the same group to save unnecessary travel.

Morning Group, 10 am to 12 noon.
Sue Rath / Margaret Green, David Commerford /Ernie Drysdale,  Colin Bowden / Maggie Coe, Leon Simpkin / Roger Riley, Byron Green / Martin Almond, Mike Coe / Simon Vincer,  Richard Griffin / June Commerford,   Janet Moule / Tony O’Sullivan

Afternoon Group, 2.30 to 4.30
Kevin Phillips /Harry Rawlings, Frank Derbyshire / Tony Hill,  Keith Duff /   David Woodman, Frances Walther / Chris Lane,  Andy Parker / Carole Woodman,  Jeff Askew / Linda Storey,  David House / Adrian Poole,  Judy Chinn / Paul Bradbeer

Each pair to decide for themselves who will lead and who will skip. The schedule of games including which will be played in the 12 noon to 2 pm slot will be sent out asap.

Regards and well done to you all,


22nd July 2020 (week 4)

Another good week with some close fought games and  a few surprise results. The last week of this round will be next Wednesday after which everyone will get a new partner.

I am proposing to change the format for the second round and seed the players based on their experience. One group will comprise the competitive bowlers and the other the more social bowlers, with any needed adjustments to ensure husbands and wives always play in the same group. Some of you now playing as leads will be skipping in the second group whilst some now skipping will be leads in the first.

My hope is that this will produce some interesting and challenging games in which everyone has a chance of winning.

In the meantime we have two potentially crucial games next week. Chris Lane, sits on top with 4 straight wins plays Kevin who has one win less but with a shot difference of only -1. Chris Johns who also has one win less has a shot difference of +1. Chris J plays Judith and could grab the top position with a good victory. Frances is still in the hunt. She too has 1 loss but a shot difference of -18. So a lot to make up in her game against Jeff. So it’s Chris L’s to lose!

The full table and results to date, can be found here.


16th July 2020 (week 3)

Another good day with some interesting results which set up the prospect of some intriguing  games to come which will decide who wins the first round. It also shows how evenly matched the bottom half of the table is, with so many teams on 2 points, split only on shot difference. It’s still all to play for!

Now we are past halfway in the first round of matches I am thinking about the format for the second round. We have only used the reserves once and have one or two others we can call on in an emergency. As each of the reserves will  play in the second round, unless they request not to, we have enough players for 2 more teams.

So the second round will have 7 teams in each group, each playing 6 matches. However, in each group one of the teams (in rotation) won’t have an opponent each week so they will play each other, with the result being scored in their own group.

This means there will be one extra game each week, as we can only play 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. The extra game will therefore take place in the 12 noon to 2 pm slot. It will take whatever rink first finishes, with the equipment sanitised before re-use.  Should that game run past 2 pm then one game will have to start slightly later in the afternoon.

This will mean there is continuous bowling on Wednesdays from 10 am until 4 pm, so let’s hope for lots of support. Bring a picnic and support the teams!

Can I kindly ask that anyone who doesn’t want to be included in the second round, or prefers to become a reserve, lets me know asap so I can plan accordingly.

New look, updated results and tables found here.

9th July 2020 (week 2)

Another good week with some good contests, pleasing wins and disappointing losses. There’s always next week!

Thanks to the two reserves who stepped in to keep the momentum going.

A very gentle reminder. All our games are having to be played under the current restrictions. Please bear them in mind at all times. It’s lovely to see people engaged and enthusiastic and easy to understand how this might lead to a few “slips of the mind”.

The latest table can be found here


2nd July 2020

We had a really good day playing the first round of matches under social distancing and virus control rules.  Lovely atmosphere and good competitive bowling, some of which was of an excellent standard but all played in the best of spirits.

The last game to finish were all-square at 17 each going into the last end; Judy Chinn’s team having pulled back from 17-6 down after ten ends. Last wood of the game was down to Jeff Askew, with Judy’s team holding one shot. Jeff succeeded in putting the jack and his wood in the ditch and taking shot by the tiniest of margins.  Cracking game.

You can see the league table after the first round of matches, by clicking here.