Club Competitions – Complete draw – updated

Please click the link for the draw sheets for all club competitions for 2022, now including the Ladies Handicap Singles, which has been added as page 12.  This item will remain at the top of news section, enabling viewing of each competition’s progress, as it occurs.

Word version (including progress updates) Club Competitions 2022 – updatable

PDF version  Club Competitions 2022

Page numbered as follows:

  1. 3 sets of 7
  2. 3-2-1
  3. Ladies Singles
  4. Men’s Handicap Singles
  5. Men’s Singles
  6. Mixed Singles
  7. Ladies Drawn Pairs
  8. Mixed Pairs
  9. Men’s Drawn Pairs
  10. Mixed Triples
  11. Ladies 2-wood Singles
  12. Ladies Handicap Singles

Please take note of the following information:

PLEASE ensure that you arrange your matches with the aim to be completed within the ‘play by’ dates, ample time is normally allocated for each round, especially the 1st round when the largest numbers of games occur. If your challenger (upper name of the two for those that are new to the game) has not contacted you to make arrangements for the match within 2 weeks of the impending ‘play by’ date then you should contact them to try agreeing a match date. In the event of significant disruptive weather or an overload of commitments for other County / Club matches the players may make a request to the competitions administrator for a small extension to the ‘play by’ date, but should make that approach with an intended date for playing the match already agreed between the players. Failure to meet the dates may mean that one or both competitors are scratched from that competition so that the remaining members can proceed with their games. Obviously we would like to avoid taking this action.