Exec. meeting 6-1-20 – points arising

A few points raised from today’s Exec meeting that I have been asked to promulgate.

  1. The working party that provides all year round voluntary maintenance of the club facilities seeks more volunteers to assist with the weekly work party. This is normally scheduled for 9am on each Tuesday of the week and we would welcome any members (including those that are new to the club) that can assist by providing a few hours of their week for this essential upkeep of the facilities. Whilst this party is primarily male members the Ladies of the club do take on other maintenance tasks such as the gardening / shrubbery beds around the green so if any would like to assist with those items then please discuss with Elaine Beckton / Jan Barnard / Sue Rath for the ongoing plan of what they are undertaking.
    For anyone that could give a few hours to assist but not on a Tuesday morning then, if you would like to discuss with Jeff Askew or Frank Derbyshire the tasks that are ongoing or could benefit from your input at any random time during the week, please proceed on that basis. ‘Every little helps’.
  2. Just to remind all members that if they wish to bring an item to the attention of the Exec committee at the meetings then please contact the representatives who are there to assist by relaying those concerns or suggestions onto the committee. Urgent items can of course be brought to any committee members attention at any time. Ladies Rep – Wendy Banwell.  Men’s Rep – Ian Dodd.
  3. The heater in clubhouse above the kitchen servery hatch is currently out of use due to defective fan, pending replacement.
  1. Members are reminded to ensure the final exit door is pushed hard to close and checked with the handle after locking to ensure it is indeed locked, servicing of this item is planned but please be aware that the door can sometimes appear to be closed when it is not, so please do check before leaving.


Chris Johns

MBBC Secretary