Executive Committee nominations – 2020/21

At this time of year it is required to gather nominations for members that are willing to stand as one of the Executive Committee to assist in the operation of the Club, together with names of members supporting those nominations as Proposer / Seconder.  These nominations are then voted upon at the Annual General Meeting.

As the days pass and we get nearer to the date of the AGM the restrictions in place for Covid-19 are bringing the probability that the AGM needs to be postponed as more likely, for which we will inform you once a firm decision has been made.  However, the club will still need it’s committee to act on your behalf and formulate ways to implement any ongoing changes so that we can progress as best possible to hopefully enable use of some of the facilities whenever precautions make that possible. We are therefore seeking nominations for these executive positions just as we would in any other year.

As it stands presently we have many of the existing committee members that have offered to continue in post for another year, but to verify these as valid offers they will need a Proposer & Seconder which it is preferred is from members outside of the committee. If any member wishes to offer their availability for those positions then they may of course do so, and they may be elected by vote at an AGM or voted onto the position by whatever committee is in effect if the AGM is postponed.

Those executive members willing to continue are as below:-

PRESIDENT                                       Lucie Sulch
HON.SECRETARY                           Christopher Johns
HON. LADIES SECRETARY          Elizabeth Maunder
HON. TREASURER                          Tony Hill
MENS SECTION CAPTAIN            David House
LADIES SECTION CAPTAIN          Elaine Beckton
GREEN KEEPER                               Jeffrey Askew
CATERING OFFICER                      Jan Barnard
COMMITTEE MEMBERS               Wendy Banwell
Ian Dodd

There are 3 Vacant positions for which we must have Nominees, and we request members to come forward to assist in this so the committee may continue to function.

Chairman / Chairlady – Brian Jeffries is ending his time as Chairman on the date when AGM is due (28th October)

Match / Fixtures Secretary  – As Roger Mitchell has already received the vast majority of next years dates for fixtures he is willing to carry this on to a conclusion and compile next years Club Handbook, once that book is printed and deposited at the club he will be ending his role. It would be very beneficial if any nominee coming forward to this role could be involved from now to understand the planning and preparation that goes into this. We also require a contact name to forward to the County as a contact point for Fixtures by end of October so a nomination is required to fill that vacancy with some urgency.

Bar Manager – After several years of assisting the club by managing the bar Janet & David Peacock are stepping down, volunteers to act as manager(s) required please. This is not a committee position but is still a essential part of maintaining the club in a viable position when ‘normality’ returns.

The normal nomination form will be taped to the glass front of the trophy cabinet, or you can send me details of nominees / proposers / seconders and I will maintain the list.

Chris Johns – MBBC Secretary