Fixture List update

This year the club will be moving to management of the match fixtures on a fully online basis, which will enable the updating of the list as external events (such as weather) create changes. John French has offered the facility to print a fixtures booklet, which would be A5 in size similarly to previous years but open out to A4 listing of club fixtures. To minimise the numbers printed (and therefore control the associated costs) these will be made available on a ‘as requested basis’ rather than being churned out for all on a ‘maybe’ basis. The committee are fully aware that several club members do not have internet access and these will certainly be covered by the printed copy.

I take this opportunity to ask that any member that would like a printed copy of the fixture list, which we would plan to have available before the season starts as previously issued, to please respond to me indicating a request for a copy.

As part of the continuing build of the website there is also coming online a weekly ‘diary’ which will be a fully updated sheet detailing events that are booked at the club, it is hoped that this will also be printed and displayed on the notice boards.

Chris Johns – Hon. Sec