Fixtures – confirming availability – IMPORTANT

It would appear that the basic, clear instructions regarding fixture availability were not basic or clear enough!

To reiterate, the process is designed to mirror the traditional notice board system as follows:

Historically, a team for a match is picked and displayed on the board.  Players then tick off their names to confirm they are available. There is no point confirming availability if they are not in the side (or shown as reserve).  This is exactly the same online for what are called ‘selected’ fixtures.  Don’t put your name down if you are not picked and don’t put your name down before the team is chosen.

The other type of fixture is called ‘open’ and again is the same process as would traditionally be used in friendlies and the like. That’s where a list goes up and players put their name down to confirm they wish to play.  The final team is chosen from that list.  Fixtures which are open, state that clearly in the match details.

Each fixture clearly states whether it is ‘selected’ or ‘open’, right above the confirmation button.  Please confirm only when appropriate, as per the above details.