Letter from the Chairman

Letter to all members from Brian Jeffries, Club Chairman.  17th April 2020

I feel the time is right that I should reassure our membership that Mylor Bridge Bowling Club remains a facility that is in good heart and will be available as soon as we can return to our sport. The time of that return can only be the subject of guesswork at this time but of course, return we will.

 The health of our members remains of paramount importance and was the principal motivation for the closing of our facility in the first place. The timing of the opening of our green will ultimately be dictated by the easing of social distancing rules, over which we of course have no control, together with the best advice available from Bowls England and Bowls Cornwall. In the meantime, I would ask that all members remain in touch as far as possible, particularly with those who are more isolated and in this respect I would particularly like to thank our Almoner, Margaret Green, who I know is making every effort to remain updated on the well-being of our more vulnerable members.

An initiative to aid members to keep in touch is shortly to be undertaken by our Club Captain who will be launching the Mylor Bridge Bowls Club Facebook Group. This will be a closed group so access will be denied to those who are not approved by the administrators David House and Liz Maunder, thereby ensuring security and, if well supported, it could prove a valuable contact aid for members.   

I can assure you that your Executive Committee members, whilst not being able to hold meetings, remain in close contact and continue to work in the best interest of the Club and its members. Maintenance of the Clubhouse is of course restricted to emergency repairs only, however the green itself is being sufficiently maintained so that when we return, we will do so to a surface that fulfils Mylor’s high standards and in this respect I would particularly  like to extend my thanks to Frank Derbyshire, who is working hard to keep the green to the requisite standard, whilst still complying with social distancing rules.

I am particularly concerned for our new members many of whom I have not yet had the opportunity to get to know. I would like to reassure them that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible and they will then be able to explore our sport and derive the pleasure from it that we know they can.

Finally, may I wish you all good health and ask that you stay safe in these troubled times,