Sat, 21 Oct, 23 2:00 PM

Friendly Fixture – Details

Opponent: Carnmoggas
Venue: Away
Side: Mixed
Competition: Friendly
Rinks: 6
Team: 18
Woods: 3
Dress: Greys


Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team6
Lead M Weatherhead M Green S Walker J Commerford B Green H Ward
2 S Rath L Maunder Judy Chinn F Ward D Commerford S Kelly
Skip E Beckton J Maunder Chris Johns A Poole R Weatherhead D Shermon

Captain of the day – Ron Weatherhead

Reserve – Tony O sullivan

This is an 'Open' fixture and anyone eligible to play can put their name forward for selection. The team will be picked from the list of available players. Please click confirm to indicate you wish to play in the fixture.

Players that have put their name forward for the fixture

  • Adrian Poole
  • Elizabeth Maunder
  • David Commerford
  • Ron Weatherhead
  • Margaret Green
  • Byron Green
  • John Maunder
  • Jeffery Askew
  • Christopher Johns
  • Judith Chinn
  • Derek Shermon
  • Susan Walker
  • Anthony Michael O'Sullivan
  • Margaret Weatherhead
  • Susan Kelly
  • Heather Ward
  • Frederick Ward
  • June Commerford
  • Elaine Beckton
  • Susan Rath

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