Spring Trophy (at Carnon Downs)

Spring Trophy (at Carnon Downs)

Sat, 07 May, 22 9:30 AM

Other Fixture – Details

Opponent: Spring Trophy (at Carnon Downs)
Venue: Away
Side: Mixed
Competition: Other
Rinks: 3
Team: 15
Woods: 2
Dress: Whites

Men’s Team 1 Men’s Team 2 Ladies’ Team
Skip David House David Jenkin Sue Porritt
3 Paul Bradbeer Fred Ward Elaine Beckton
2 Mike Coe Roger Cox Janet Moule
Lead Norman Porritt Ron Weatherhead Sue Rath

Reserve: We currently do not have a reserve for either men’s team. Reserves for the ladies team are, Linda Storey, Sue Walker, Sue Kelly and Maggie Coe. TBA whether one of the reserves will attend, in which event they will play in one of the 3 games.

Please click confirm to indicate you wish to play in the fixture.

David House will be captain for this fixture and all queries, and contact, should be directed to him on 07751 605337.

We need 10 men, and 5 ladies. There will be 2 rinks of men, and 1 ladies, each rink having a reserve. There will be 3 matches for each rink, each of 12 ends and the reserve must play in at least 1 match. There are 2 matches before lunch and 1 after. The games normally conclude around 2.30-3.00, quickly followed by the prize giving. We have always done well in the past.

Pasties and sandwiches are available to pre-order. David will co-ordinate the order once the team has been selected.



This is an 'Open' fixture and anyone eligible to play can put their name forward for selection. The team will be picked from the list of available players. Please click confirm to indicate you wish to play in the fixture.

Players that have put their name forward for the fixture

  • Ron Weatherhead
  • David House
  • Susan Walker
  • Susan Kelly
  • Michael Coe
  • Margaret vCoe
  • Susan Porritt
  • Norman Porritt
  • Frederick Ward
  • Susan Rath
  • Janet Moule
  • Paul Bradbeer
  • Roger Cox
  • David Jenkin

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