St Agnes Short Mat Friendly

St Agnes Short Mat Friendly

Mon, 04 Dec, 23 2:00 PM

Friendly Fixture – Details

Opponent: St Agnes Short Mat Friendly
Venue: Away
Side: Mixed
Competition: Friendly
Rinks: 2
Team: 4
Woods: 2
Dress: Other

Team 1 Team 2
Lead Sue Rath David Bevan
Second Sue Walker Norman Sancto
Third Sue Kelly David Commerford
Skip Judith Chinn David House

This is an away friendly. Not in club shirts at their request.

They have two mats, one of which will be in use for a regular roll-up. We will play two games on one mat, probably each being 12 ends which is the format in the central area.

There will be a return friendly in the New Year when we will play our format of 2 triples over 15 ends.

This is an 'Open' fixture and anyone eligible to play can put their name forward for selection. The team will be picked from the list of available players. Please click confirm to indicate you wish to play in the fixture.

Players that have put their name forward for the fixture

  • David Commerford
  • June Commerford
  • Judith Chinn
  • Norman Sancto
  • David Bevan

Bookings are closed for this event.