Men’s Meeting Summary

Below a summary of items agreed / discussed at the Men’s meeting on Wednesday 19th February as information for those that were unable to attend and a record for those that managed to be with us on the evening.

Congratulations were put forward for the Team Managers, Frank Derbyshire and Kevin Phillips, and players of last year’s League teams, which achieved a very good level of success overall throughout the season, resulting in creditable finishing positions in the various league tables.

It was agreed that the system utilised last year of having Team Managers for A & B working in a close collaborative fashion, such that both teams were selected simultaneously and jointly, gave a good outcome and ensured that members did not get omitted from selection if not being used in the A team at some points. It was agreed that selection for each team would continue to be made on a merit basis, with numerous games in the strollers and friendlies available for those members not selected for League matches.

Team managers were proposed and agreed to continue in same manner for selection and members were reminded that if selected for a League match and not available they should contact the respective Team Manager a.s.a.p. so that alternative players can be contacted.

Team Manager A Team – Frank Derbyshire
Team Manager B Team – David House

Agreed that in the event of the respective Team Manager not playing / or being available for any particular game then they will arrange for a ‘Captain of the day’ to carry out the appropriate duties at the match.

For the purposes of the Captains Shield team it was proposed and agreed that Kevin Phillips will take the post of Vice-Captain.

Discussion held regarding provision of the Tea facility at home games. Whilst the system last year of the Lead player from each rink preparing the Teas did function adequately there was a general consensus that this was distracting players from their games and was undesirable. It is therefore proposed that for this year the Team Captains will endeavour to arrange a volunteer from members that are not playing to perform the tea making function at half time, although the Lead players could still assist in this regard by laying out the mugs / biscuits before the game starts.

In this respect it is hoped that a member of the B Team can provide tea making for A team fixtures, and vice versa. Any other volunteers that wish to assist at any, can be co-ordinated by the team managers.

General reminders given that the club has a friendly game occurring most weeks from late May onwards and it is hoped that all members including those involved in the League teams can provide support for at least a couple of those games during the season.

Opening day is April 4th – Presidents Day. A brief outline of the day for new members is:  green formally opened followed by a shortened game of 12-14 ends, possibly with protectors installed.  Afterwards there is a meal in the clubhouse. Poster will be placed on the boards when closer to the date, and update given via further email.

Discussion held regarding possibility of raising Match fees to £2, also the potential to re-introduce the roll up fee that was started last year before being suspended for a period. Both subjects are scheduled for the next Exec committee meeting in March so the Treasurer wished to gain a general feeling of those members present if such a need is required. General show of hands agreed to support the measure of higher match fee if financial conditions need this additional revenue to balance the club’s income/expenditure or build reserves for any future purchase needs.

Chris Johns.  MBBC Secretary