Mylor schoolchildren

Mike Diston has now established contact with Mylor School and they have confirmed that they would like this year to again take on the opportunity to learn bowls at our club and then enter the schools tournament which is due at the end of May.

The committee have confirmed that the club wishes to extend this opportunity to the children again this year.  This involves the clubhouse being in use for the children between approx. 1.15pm to 2.15pm on Friday afternoons, initially indoors on the short mat then, when the green opens, outdoors. Whilst Mike has agreed to provide the liaison to carry this out, the club will need volunteers to assist, for instructional/ guidance/general supervision purposes.

Would anyone that is able to lend some assistance on one or some of those Friday sessions please advise Mike (Tel 01872 863122) or reply on this address and I will pass on the information.

For those of you that are not familiar with the previous years events, it normally comprises approx. 12 children around the 10-11 age group, with 2 teachers accompanying them for general supervision.  The club provides Junior woods for them to use and some coaching to assist so we normally need 4-6 helpers from our side.  The schools have a few months of general practice before progressing on to a local area tournament against other like minded schools.