New Facebook Group

The club’s Facebook Group allows any member to post information, photos and videos, as well as sending messages or ‘chatting’ to other members. It is a private group, so not accessible to non-members.

To join the group you need to have a Facebook account, which can be easily set up by visiting
Once registered you select ‘Groups’ from the left hand list on the Facebook home page, then type ‘Mylor Bridge Bowling Club’ in the search bar. Click on the club’s entry, then request to join. Once accepted you have full access.

If you’re already registered, you can go straight to the group by clicking this link.   You will be asked to log on to Facebook if you have not already done so.

The group is managed by David House and Liz Maunder.  Please direct any queries to them.

Continue reading below for a more detailed explanation.

We now have a Facebook Group, which is just for current and past members to use, stay in touch, share memories, post pictures and ideas. We hope it helps everyone in these challenging days when we cannot see one another and enjoy our favourite sport. For those of you already with a Facebook account just search for “Mylor Bridge Bowling Club” and ask to join. Once approved you can view and respond to posts and create your own.

For those of you without an account, but who would like to join in, setting one up is easy. Just search for Facebook in your browser and choose the “Create new account” option. You’ll need to provide your name, a mobile number, or email address, and provide a password. Much as you do with any new internet account. Once done there is no need to provide any other details on your “profile” unless you want to. If using Facebook just for Mylor Bowling Club purposes then it’s recommended that you don’t. There will either be a text message, or email link, to confirm your members,hip and that’s it done. Once you have your Facebook account follow the instructions above for existing users.

FB has recently created a “new” look, which makes it easier to manage your settings and keep everything secure. You can switch between the “new” and the “classic” by clicking the furthest right button on the top bar. You can also find the “ settings” there. Using the “new” gives the option of a “Privacy check up” which leads you through a series of choices. It is recommended that for those only using for club purposes the best option is “only me” wherever possible. If you are not completing your “profile”, as is recommended, then the only thing of concern is your email address. Set that to “only me” to avoid the possibility of junk mail.  It sounds complicated, but it is intuitive and if anyone needs help, then help is available. Just ask.