Planning Men’s League Teams & Captains

Around this time of year the men’s section normally has a meeting to discuss the forthcoming outdoor season.  Part of the meeting generally involves requesting for volunteers to be Team Captains for the A & B teams and carrying out a voting process to confirm those posts. A listing for those members that wish to play in the Men’s League teams is also normally on the notice board and available for members to insert their names so that the team captains (once confirmed) can start to make their advance planning of team make up. As part of the League set up, the club is normally required to supply names of the 8 Team A nominated players to Group 4 by the end of March, hence the need to obtain the names of those wishing to play and evaluate the options for team membership well in advance of the season commencing.

Whilst we are not likely to be in a position to hold such a meeting within the time frame of those advance planning needs we do, therefore, require to start gaining some information from our Men’s section players.  David House has offered to start collecting this information at this time until we have Team Captains officially in place. Please see his message below and reply accordingly, you may also copy me in on any messages if you wish.

Chris Johns


I hope you are all safe, well, happy and, hopefully, vaccinated in these strange times. I know it feels unlikely but better days are hopefully just around the corner and we may all be back on the grass, playing the game we love, in around 10 weeks time. Fingers crossed.

We would normally be holding the men’s meeting at this time to discuss the arrangements for the upcoming season.  Whilst that obviously cannot take place, we do still need to make preparations as it seems that the chances of the County Leagues going ahead are looking pretty good, certainly much better than last year, albeit it may be with some small changes in format to maintain health and safety of members. At this stage there may be less confidence regarding the early games of the Mining League, although it might be that we are able to play at least some of the fixtures as restrictions begin to ease. Time will tell.

I am pleased to advise you that we do already have one volunteer to be our A team Captain for the season, however, should anyone else wish to put themselves forward for consideration then please do so.

Whilst I agreed to be B team Captain last year a combination of circumstances make it inappropriate that I should undertake that role this year, although I will certainly do everything I can to assist whoever takes it on. We would therefore be grateful to hear from anyone willing to take this position on, or to receive suggestions on who might be “persuaded”!  As we look to have a strong team pool this year it could be a fun year to be the B team captain!

In lieu of the list/notice which is normally posted in the clubhouse I request that anyone wishing to play in the Men’s League teams this year to please advise me ASAP so that we can start compiling a list for use by the Team Captains. I would also appreciate information from members that specifically will not be available for League games, or those that have a limited availability with information of when their selection would be possible.

If everything goes well with the lifting of restrictions then we hope to hold some practice and trial sessions for everyone just as soon as the green opens. For your general information this is currently planned.

If there are any other issues that need to be raised please email me and I will try to find the answers, or circulate everyone again as appropriate.

Please email me at or call me at 01872 859439 or 07751 605337.

David House