Positions to be filled

Raffle organiser

Margaret Calthorpe has advised that she has stepped down from organising the club raffles. Margaret has provided valuable service to the club over many years by carrying out this organisational task which has contributed to the maintenance of the club funds.

The club therefore requires 1 or more volunteers to carry out the organisation of the club raffles (mostly summer season for friendly & touring side matches). The position does not mean that the member(s) carrying out that organisation would have to attend all those functions but to have the raffle prizes and tickets ready for use on each event, or have agreed with another party to undertake the task on a particular date.

Fixtures secretary

As advised during the club AGM Roger Mitchell has confirmed that this is his final year as club Fixtures secretary, the club is therefore seeking someone to take on this position and as this time of year is the busiest portion of the year for the Fixtures sec in organising next years fixtures it would be beneficial to an incoming volunteer to assist with this years tasks as well if possible.

For assistance on whether you would feel able to take on this task I attach the job description that was compiled for the Fixtures Sec. position.

Chris Johns.  Hon. Sec