President’s Day

Please find details below of the planned proceedings for the Presidents (opening) day event.  Elaine advises that we have 2 empty positions for the afternoon event.  If anyone not listed here wishes to take part at that time, please contact her asap.

Fee for play & pasty lunch is £5 per person, £1 entry for the spider, raffle as normal for tickets. It is hoped to have Tea / Coffee / small amount of bar stocks available via window service at some points during the day.

It is proposed to have a morning and an afternoon session consisting of a Spider to begin proceedings followed by a Round Robin. Sessions to commence at 10am and 2pm.  Players should arrive in advance of this to be ready to take to the green on time.  As is normal for opening day event please attend in club colours & white trousers (or skirt).

Three rinks of drawn triples will all play for 4 ends before moving onto their next designated rink for another four ends until all teams have played each other (20 ends in all). Each team will have its own scorecard on which to keep a running total. The team with the highest total shot difference over their full card score is the winner.  We will have a pasty lunch at 12.30 for the morning players and 1.00 for the afternoon players.

If any member wishes to donate a prize for the raffle it would be appreciated.  There will be raffle for both sessions.

List of players as follows:

Morning Session:

Carole Barnett
David Woodman
Carole Woodman
Jeff Askew
Harry Rawlings
Heather Ward
Fred Ward
Margaret Green
Byron Green
Elaine Beckton
Jan Barnard
Richard Griffin
Tony Hill
Elaine Dodd
Ian Dodd
Wendy Fowler
Colin Bowden
Liz Maunder

Afternoon Session

Janet Moule
Frances Walther
Margaret Weatherhead
Ron Weatherhead
Tony O’Sullivan
Chris Lane
Frank Derbyshire
Martin Almond
Kevin Phillips
Chris Johns
Judy Chinn
Leon Simpkin
Christine Robinson
Mike Diston
Mike Coe
Maggie Coe