Rules Reminder

We now have a number of members who are playing league bowls for the first time.  At this level of the game, rules are strictly enforced, so it is worthwhile familiarising yourself with them, if you are at all unsure, as a wrongful interpretation could cost you a match.

A good example is understanding the difference between a tied end and a dead end.  The former is when both players or teams have equidistant, closest woods or when there are no woods left in play.  The latter occurs when the jack is knocked out of play.  In the case of a tied end, it counts as having been played, although no shots are scored, and the end is registered on the scoreboard.  The player/team which went first rolls the jack and goes first again, and the game continues as normal.

A dead end, on the other hand, does not count as played, and is replayed from the same end, irrespective of how far into the end play had progressed.  It is not registered on the scoreboard, and the player/team which led off also roll the jack and start the replaying of the end.  No shots count on a dead end.

An exception to the above is that the replaying of a dead end can be from the opposite end (i.e. where the woods finished), so long as both skips agree.

This is one of a number of rules and situations which can cause confusion.  The full rules are available on this site, in the public area.  Feel free to download them and, if you are unclear about anything, inform