Proposers or seconders of applicants for Club membership shall:

1) Advise applicants of Club rules relating to Membership and current membership fees.

2) Prepare a brief note for the Executive Committee giving details of the applicant’s bowling history and reasons for wishing to join the Club.

3) Introduce the new member to other Club members after successful application.


The Executive committee shall appoint a Competitions Secretary for each discipline as required.

The Executive Committee shall decide what club competitions be held annually, for:

(1) Lawn Bowls, the rules of which are held by the club Secretary.

(2) Carpet Bowls the rules of which shall follow those of caret bowls.

(3) Short Mat Bowls, the rules for which shall follow The English County Short Mat Bowls Association.

(4) Disputes

In the case of any dispute arising the decision of the Competition Secretary of the relevant competition will be final.


Dress for players in all competitive matches OUTDOORS shall be as laid down in the rules and regulations of Bowls England, Bowls Cornwall, The Mining Division and the Strollers league.

In friendly matches dress, will be as shown on the team sheet for each match.

In all the above official club shirts/blouses will be worn by all players except the Strollers.

CLUB COMPETITIONS: – all one-day club competitions, (Men`s pairs/Mixed pairs etc.), the dress code will be whites.

In the early rounds of other Competitions, club shirts/blouses and greys may be worn.

Players and markers in the finals of club competitions shall wear full whites, and official club shirts/blouses will be worn.

ROLL-UPS: – Casual dress may be worn in these games, but no shorts are allowed.

Dress for players playing Short mat, Carpet Bowls and full size indoor games must be as laid down by the relevant governing body of that game.


Providing that the chairman, secretary or president of the club has given their permission guests/visitors shall be permitted to play for club teams. This is subject to such guests/visitors being affiliated to a national governing body, and such action not being in contravention of the rules of any such body. There is no obligation for them to wear club shirts/blouses, other than that they must comply with any other dress requirements.


Each section OUTDOORS may hold separate meetings as deemed necessary. At one such meeting the positions of such officers as section vice-captain, team captains and selection committee members will be decided by majority vote of all present.

Notice of the date and details of the agenda for these meetings will be given to the members by the Club Secretary in the case of the men’s section, and the Ladies Secretary in the case of the ladies’ section.

Each discipline INDOORS may hold such meetings as deemed necessary to determine Captains to run that discipline.

All such meetings will in normal circumstances take place on the club premises.


(a) Outdoors

Ladies Only Matches: – Teams for these shall be selected by a committee consisting of the Ladies Section Captain and two other full lady members. The two other full lady members shall be appointed at a lady’s section meeting.

Men Only Matches (except for county league and mining league matches): – Teams for these shall be selected by the Men’s Section Captain.

Mixed Matches: – Teams for these shall be selected by the Men’s Section Captain and the Ladies Section Captain.

Men’s County League and Mining League Matches: – The selection process for teams for these matches shall be decided at a men’s section meeting.

Strollers Matches: – Teams for these matches shall be selected by the Strollers Team Manager. The Team Manager for these shall be appointed at the club A.G.M.

Although the above people shall have the final decision on team selection they may seek advice, or recommendations from any other full member of the club.

(b) Indoors:

(1) For Carpet Bowls by the person/persons nominated at a meeting called for that purpose.

(2) For Short Mat by the person/persons nominated at a meeting called for that purpose.

(3) For Full size indoor games by the person/persons nominated at a meeting called for that purpose.

7. BAR

The Bar Manager shall set up a bar committee consisting of himself/herself and two other full club members.

This committee shall deal with all matters concerning the bar, and shall be empowered to enlist the help of volunteers to assist with the running of the bar. A list of the names of the volunteers shall be lodged with the club secretary, and a copy kept behind the bar. It shall be the responsibility of the bar manager to ensure that this list is kept up to date.

The following people shall be permanent key holders. Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, the three members of the Bar Committee, and a spare key in a security box operated by a pin number. Any of these persons relinquishing their post shall pass their key back to the Bar Manager or in his/her absence the Club Secretary.

The security box shall be solely under the control of the bar manager. It is entirely at the discretion of him/her as to whom they reveal the pin number and location of the box. The pin number shall be changed on a regular basis.

The match secretary shall, each year, prepare a programme of special events on which shall be indicated details of when and if the bar should be open. This programme shall remain in the bar area. The bar committee will prepare a rota showing the person who will be running the bar at each of these events. This rota will be posted up outside of the bar area.

It should be noted that the programme will not include details of any routine matches such as men’s leagues, ladies Rippon/date/evening league, Strollers, friendlies, top team, Millennium cup, Jack Hancock Trophy, Falmouth cup or national competitions such as the Tony Alcock trophy or Double Rink. Should team captains require the bar to be open for these events then they should contact the bar manager who will select a designated team member, preferably a bar key holder or volunteer, who will be authorised to open the bar.

Any person who runs the bar at any event should sign the relevant page in the club diary.


DC Shermon Hon Sec 31/10/17

Added 5th December 2018


Dogs, with the exception of assistance dogs, will not be permitted on Mylor Bridge Bowling Club property except in the following circumstances:
1. In the Clubhouse (not including the kitchen) during the outdoor season, between 6 p.m. on President’s Day (opening day) and 9 a.m. on Captains Day (closing day), on leads and under control.
2. In areas outside the Clubhouse at any time, on leads and under control.