Various (refreshments, dress, handbooks, travel costs)

Refreshments in men’s matches

During one of the recent Bowls Cornwall improvement meetings, where they discussed the suggestions put forward by clubs last year, they reached an agreement that clubs are permitted to offer the normal service of Tea or Coffee either during or at the end of the game. The decision for when to serve the drink shall be at the discretion of the home club and our men’s meeting has already proposed that we serve this at the end of the game this year, unless an additional volunteer is attending to prepare the drinks at half way stage.

Bowls Cornwall have advised that the opponents should be informed BEFORE THE GAME STARTS as to when the drink will be available. Team captains please ensure this is passed on. For any of our members who would feel unable to wait until the end of the game, I suggest it would be fully acceptable for them to prepare their own individual drink when arriving at the club before the game starts.

Dress Code for men’s County matches

At the Group 4 secretaries meeting on 5th April, a vote was taken regarding the colour of trousers to be worn for Men’s County League matches.

As per our own 2021 AGM section 8-7, Mylor’s vote was cast for white trousers but the group 4 meeting voted by 7 votes to 3 for adoption of Grey trousers at County League matches, to bring our group into alignment with the others.

There was considerable discussion following the vote (cart before the horse situation) regarding the multitude of colours that this tends to generate leading to a poor appearance, but the vote had already been taken.

Group 4 have stated for guidance that the trousers (or suitable shorts) should be Light to Mid Grey, and Jeans are not acceptable.

County Handbooks

This year’s yellow County Handbooks will be available in the club shortly.  They have not had names added so please take one if required.

Travel costs to away matches

The Executive Committee were recently requested to review the level of costs given as a guide for members who are conveyed to external matches/events by other members. These were reviewed at the Exec meeting on 4th April and the committee (whilst appreciating that costs are escalating for all) agreed to maintain the guidance at the level of the current suggestion as formulated in 2018.

It was felt that perhaps not all members were aware of this guidance so the detail is copied below this message. This is for guidance only and is on a voluntary basis.  Perhaps reciprocal sharing arrangements when possible may be a better way of reducing costs. We also understand that there are some members that only travel well if they are driving, and we ask for the appreciation of passengers if they are routinely conveyed to away games.

Extract from guidance notes
The Committee felt it prudent to establish a guide for those passengers wishing to voluntarily contribute to the expenses of the driver on such journeys (away matches), and this guide is published purely to assist any member wishing to donate a fair and equitable sum. It is not intended to impose an obligation on members, as many already operate personal arrangements, nor is it possible to legislate for all destinations that will arise:

Travel from Mylor to Penryn, Falmouth, and Carnon Downs £2.00                      Travel from Mylor to other local clubs £3.00