Website Development Update

We have reviewed various message board options available as ‘plug ins’ but they can create conflicts in the way we use the system and don’t add anything to the ‘Facebook’ page which is already established. We have decided, therefore to put a clear link on the website to the club’s Facebook group page.

This will leave the ‘News and Events’ section of the website for centrally managed and posted information, whilst the Facebook group page will be available for any registered member to place their own messages, pictures or information. There are currently only 23 registered subscribers on the Facebook group and I would encourage MBBC members, who haven’t already done so, to join this group. Click on this link: MBBC Facebook Group, then click ‘Join Group’ to go to the joining process.  This is an ideal way to keep in touch and share information with other members.  It is a private group, so information posted can only be seen by members who have joined the group.

We are continuing to develop the fixtures system as previously outlined and hope we will have some fixtures to include!