Winter League

Falmouth Bowls club are now taking steps to prepare for the Winter Triples League.  In the past there have been members that have entered as an independent team they have put together and this route is still available.  The other option is for an entry as Mylor Club team. This can be discussed amongst any members that are interested in taking part in the outdoor League.

The rules are reproduced below.  If anyone does have an interest in taking part please wait a few days until we have had the next Executive meeting on Monday and I will advise you who may be a contact point within the club for any Mylor team entry.   If you already have a team of 5 or 6 members that wishes to enter, then you can make direct contact with John Maunder as per the details below.


We will be running a Sunday Triples League again this year, starting at the end of September through to March.
Teams can be mixed or single sex, but must belong to a Club affiliated to Bowls Cornwall.
Teams can be made up from different clubs and it is recommended that each team has 5/6 players.
The green fee is £1.50 per player, per game.

Starting time 9.30am, if teams are not ready to play by 9.45 then the points will be awarded to the other team. In the event that a team has good reason for not being able to play and warn the opposition of the that fact two days beforehand, they may rearrange to play at some other time, but the game must be played within 14 days.

The organiser will contact the team captains by 8.0am on the Sunday morning if the weather makes play impossible. Captains are responsible for informing their players.

                  COVID 19 Additional Rules
Due to the virus certain additional rules must apply.

  1. On arrival all players must sign the book.
  2. Must bring their own sanitiser and clean their hands.
  3. Each team will be issued with a jack, one half a white and the other a yellow one.
  4. One person each rink will set the mat for both teams holding the corners only.
  5. One skip will pick up the mat by the middle when the end is completed and the the winning team skip will place the jack using their feet only.
  6. One number two will keep the scoreboard up to date. At the end of the match all gear must be sprayed and returned.
  7. Cards to be placed in the box provided.
  8. Bar will be open at the end of the games.

8 teams can play at one time, if more than 8 teams byes will be introduced each week.

Please contact John Maunder at or 01326 319574 if you wish to enter a team. You will need to provide :

  1. A name for your team.
  2. Supply all names and phone numbers of your players.
  3. Email of team leader would be very useful.