Winter of Discontent Short-Mat Pairs League

Competition suspended until further notice

Winter of Discontent Short-Mat Pairs League – details and rules

There are currently 10 pairs in the league. Each will play the others twice, so a maximum of 18 matches between now and the start of the 2021 outdoor season. Other teams can still join and should they do so the format will be amended to accommodate.

Each match will be played for an allotted time with a maximum of 15 ends, each player having 4 bowls, following all safety requirements. One player to keep a score card, which should be deposited in the box provided. The result though should also be notified to me asap by email ( just in case the card gets forgotten or lost. Should 15 ends not be played in the allotted time the score on the card will stand as the result.

As with the outdoor pairs league there are 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw.  Accumulated shot difference will separate those on equal points. If a match is un-played through no fault of either team, each team will be awarded 1 point and a 0-0 draw will be recorded.  If one team prevents a match being played through default, the opposing team will be awarded 2 points for a 1-0 win.

The first named team for each match has the responsibility for contacting their opponents, agreeing the timing, and making the booking on the club website. All contact details can be found on the website member directory.

Matches should ideally be played in approximately the order listed on the updated results and table sheet, but don’t have to be. If people are unavailable move on and catch up later. Carole and David will be unavailable for the first few weeks. Only the first round of matches are listed. The second will be a mirror of the first and published later.

Each pair needs to decide who will make their match arrangements, although this can be shared if desired. .Everyone has games to arrange so please don’t wait for others to take the initiative.

Try to play at least one match per week which would mean our league taking up 8 of the 35 time slots available, although this will obviously vary.

For all team, fixture and result updates, click here.