World Cup 50/50 draw (amended)

Dear all,

As the World Cup is currently under way, a 50/50 draw has been organised. Details are on an easel in the clubhouse but be quick – there are only 64 squares and they are going fast!

Full details of the draw are on the easel.

On Saturday 14th July, following the club mixed pairs, a simple buffet will be provided at £3 per head (cheeseboard, paté, French bread & pickles) and the bar will be open.  There will also be a “Spider” competition, (£1.00 per head and anyone including non-members can take part) – winner takes 50% with 50 % to the club.

Spiders are always fun , especially for new players as they have an equal chance of winning!

Following the Spider it is intended to have a 5 end match between 2 teams representing those Countries due to play the next day in the World Cup final. A list will go up shortly asking for players. There will be no dress code so informal it is! We will also at this point announce who has drawn the teams playing in the Moscow final. There will be two prizes of £16.00 for whoever holds the World Cup winning country.

For this to work, all 64 squares need to be sold.  Please look out for the list to indicate your attendance and food requirements.