Fri, 12 Aug, 22 2:00 PM

Strollers Fixture – Details

Opponent: Falmouth
Venue: Away
Side: Mixed
Competition: Strollers
Rinks: 3
Team: 9
Woods: 3
Dress: Greys

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Skip Roger Cox Carole Woodman Mike Coe
2 Maggie Coe Penny Cox Wendy Fowler
Lead Margaret Green Martin Almond Norma Thomas

Reserve:  Sir Francis Drake

This is a 'Selected' fixture. Only confirm your availability if your name is on the Team Sheet, If you are not available, please call or email the organiser: miicoe@gmail.com miicoe@gmail.com

Selected players that have confirmed their availability (if not available you must inform team manager)

  • Susan Kelly
  • Susan Walker
  • Carole Woodman
  • Wendy Fowler
  • Margaret vCoe
  • Margaret Green

Bookings are closed for this event.