How to use this website – basic instructions for members

1. General

The site has two distinct areas, Public and Members. The Members area contains information relating to fixtures, booking, members, meetings and news updates and is only available to registered members who have logged in. Log in with your usual user name and password. You can use your email address as the user name but not if you share one, as the system will not be able to identify which member is logging in.

2. Member Directory

The Member Directory is only accessible to MBBC users who are logged in and have access to the ‘Member Area’.  Select ‘Member Directory’ from the headings bar. You can view a list of all registered members and, by clicking on any of them, you can see the details for that person. You can also amend or add to your own profile by clicking on the ‘edit profile’ button in your own entry. Once in the ‘edit profile’ mode, you can also change your password and add a photo. Any changes you make will only be applied when you click on ‘update profile’ at the bottom of the page.

Any fields that are not relevant, just leave blank. Remember to save any changes by clicking on ‘update profile’ before logging out or closing down. Also note that, whilst you can view other members’ details, you can’t edit them.

Important note to users who share an email address. In order to identify both users of a shared address, one party will be given a “mylorbowling” address. If you see one of these in your profile, do not change or delete it. Messages to this address will be automatically forwarded to your regular address and it means that both address sharers will receive correspondence relevant to them.

To include a profile picture, go to your ‘edit profile’ page and select ‘update image’ in the profile picture section. Next click ‘choose file’ and select your chosen image from any file on your computer, press ‘upload file’ and the picture appears with a selection square inside it. Drag or expand the square to include the section of the picture you wish to use, then press ‘crop image’. Your profile picture will now be included. Again, remember to press ‘update profile’ before leaving the page.

3. News

This is, effectively, the MBBC notice board. If you have any news, events, updates, announcements, photos, etc. that you want published, send the details with any supporting documents to and they can be posted on the site.

As you scroll through the page, the title and first part of news items will appear, in date order. To view the full item, click on the title.

The minutes and reports of official meetings have now been moved to their own section.  Clicking on the specific meeting you wish to view, will open the minutes for that meeting in a separate document.

4. Fixtures

This is another restricted area, available only to members and you have to be logged in to view it.

In the members area under the ’Fixtures’ heading, select ‘Enter Fixtures’ and you will be taken to the full list of fixtures, in date and time order. By selecting any fixture you will see full details of the match, together with confirmation of whether it is ‘Selected’ or ‘Open’. If a selected fixture, only confirm your availability if you are on the team sheet and your name will then be added to the list of players who have confirmed they can play.  If an ‘Open’ fixture, and you wish to be considered for selection, confirm your availability and the team will be chosen from the list of available players.

If you are unavailable to play in a fixture for which you have been selected, you should contact the team manager directly and not just rely on the fact that you have not confirmed availability.  The system does not have a separate ‘unavailable’ option.

 There are several other sub-headings under the fixtures tab as follows;


Once a fixture is completed, it automatically comes of the fixture list but remains on the results page and will include the result and score, provided this information has been submitted by the team manager.

 Bowling Club Addresses

A list of all the clubs playing against MBBC, with addresses and contact details. Clicking on the postcode will take you to Google maps for that particular club. There are also email links to most club secretaries.

 Your Fixtures

This shows the list of fixtures for which the logged in member has confirmed availability and provides the option to cancel their availability for any particular fixture.

 Match Manager – edit fixtures

This section is only available to those members who have been given additional access rights. It allows fixtures to be added and existing details to be amended, teams entered and match results/scores to be inserted.  If you select this option, a list of all fixtures for which you are responsible will be displayed. By selecting one you will be able to amend any fixture details or attributes which may have been changed or entered in error. There will also be a text box, allowing you to enter team details, in whatever format you wish.  These details can only be changed by the ‘owner’ of the fixture, although ‘ownership’ can be transferred if necessary.

There are a number of attributes within the system, which are not relevant to this operation.  These can be left untouched but, if you do make any changes, remember to click on ‘update event’ at the bottom of the page, or they will not be applied.

Click here for further details on editing existing fixtures.  Click here for instructions on adding new fixtures.

5. Casual Booking

This is a process which enables the booking of rinks for casual play (roll-ups) or privately arranged games.  Only members can book rinks, subject to certain conditions as follows:

Bookings will only be allowed on match days at times which do not interfere with the preparation or playing of matches.
The person making the booking is responsible for recording the other players in their group in the club register.
Four time slots per day are available at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 with (currently) five rinks per time slot available to book.
Bookings cannot be made more than 30 days in advance. Dates beyond 30 days show as unavailable.
Once the maximum allowable rinks are booked in any particular time slot, that slot becomes unavailable.
You cannot specify a rink when booking; they will be allocated.
You must have vacated a rink prior to the next session starting and all equipment must be treated and stored in accordance with club rules.

To book a rink, select Casual Booking from the headings in the member’s area. A calendar will open, showing available dates and times and your name and email will be automatically filled in. Simply click on a date, select a time slot, enter any notes (optional) then click ‘book’.  A confirmation will be displayed if your booking was successful.  You will also receive a confirmation email, containing details of the booking. To avoid dispute, bring this confirmation with you, either on a device or printed.

If you need to cancel a booking, you simply click on the cancellation link, within the confirmation email.  This will cancel the original booking and take you to the booking page, so you can rebook if required.

There is also a bookings list available, showing all bookings by date, so you can see who has reserved rinks and at what times.

6. Application Form

This is included within the ‘how to join’ page on the home page.  Non-members will see this as a blank form to be filled in and submitted as an application to join the club. Logged on members will see it as a completed form (i.e. their profile).

When a new applicant completes the form and clicks ‘register’, notification is sent to the secretary who can print and display the form, as per club rules. The applicant details will appear in the directory as a ‘pending’ member, until approval is given. The information completed on the original form is automatically transferred to their member profile.