Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding young & vulnerable adult members – Policy guidelines
These guidelines are provided to all members of Mylor Bridge Bowling Club to support our obligation to provide a safe environment for juniors and vulnerable adults within our club. They have been drawn up using recommendations from Bowls England & the BDA and will be incorporated into the membership joining & renewal process. For the purposes of the Safeguarding Policy and these guidelines, Juniors are young people under the age of 18. “Junior(s)” is to include “vulnerable adults” where the latter is not stated.

Members will need to demonstrate the proper personal behaviour at all times. They need to promote the positive aspects of bowls e.g. fair play, honesty and the etiquette of the game. Members also need to remember this includes using acceptable language that is polite and not derogatory, abusive, belittling or threatening. Juniors and vulnerable adults often lack the experience to interpret the nuances of adult comments and this could lead to misunderstanding and upset.

Physical contact
All members (other than parents or guardians) must refrain from physical contact with juniors other than the initial handshake and maybe the occasional celebratory ‘high five” within the game. It is strongly advised that members also avoid any physical contact off the green. Members need to recognise that any physical contact may be misconstrued or misinterpreted by either the junior/vulnerable adult or the parents/guardian. Additional guidance within this general rule will be given to coaches and helpers. Members are also reminded that this topic of contact also includes avoiding situations of being alone with the juniors, particularly when visiting the toilets or changing rooms.

This is a difficult topic with current public concerns about children’s welfare. Therefore this club will follow the suggestion from Bowls England asking members who wish to take photographs at certain matches or events where Juniors/vulnerable adults are present e.g. President’s Day, to sign a register at the start of the session acknowledging their obligations as to the use of the photographs. However, there will be some occasions where no photography will be permitted, such as junior coaching sessions. Sessions, where photography is not permitted, will be indicated by a prominent notice displayed at the entrance to the club.

Electronic Communication
Members should never ask for any kind of information concerning electronic communication details of juniors, e.g. e-mail address etc. Nor should the members contact them by any of these means, this would be deemed as a wholly inappropriate activity. If contact with a junior outside the parameters of the club is necessary e. g. arranging games etc., all contact should be via the parents/guardians as a matter of course. Electronic Communication includes the use of social media (twitter/Facebook etc.) texts, internet forums and chat rooms as well as e-mail and telephone.


Bowls England Safeguarding Overview

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