Points arising from committee meeting

The following points from the committee meeting of 3rd June are brought to your attention:

  • For those of you aware, the Group hold an Annual Ladies luncheon, and a separate Men`s presentation evening in the winter at which the various trophies are handed out to the winners of the various summer Group competitions. Attendances, particularly at the Men`s evening are dwindling and the Group administrators are wondering whether a combined luncheon would help attendances? I have been asked to canvas members opinions to take back to the next Group Executive meeting. Should anyone have strong views on this can they let me know please?
  • The death of former member, Barbara Cock aged 91 years was recently announced in the West Briton. Barbara, along with her husband Bob were members many years ago and at one time ran the bar. Barbara who survived Bob, died in Surrey in May and her funeral will be held there. There is no address to send cards to.

DC Shermon Hon Sec