Short Mat 2023/24 – update

The following teams will play in the Short-Mat afternoon leagues for the 2023/24 season.

The Creeksiders, who play their home games on a Wednesday, will have Kevin Phillips, Tony Hill and Richard Griffin on one rink and Sue Kelly, Sue Walker and Jan Barnard on the other.

The Miracles, who play their home games on a Monday, will have Ian Dodd, David Commerford and June Commerford on one rink and myself, Fred Ward and Heather Ward on the other. Norman Sancto will play in any away games when Ian is not available and substitute for absences. On occasions when all 7 players are available all, other than Ian, will take it in turn to stand down, thus ensuring everyone gets an equal number of games.  It is hoped that these teams will be available for the majority of the games.

We have a number of players with restricted availability, who could be brought in to play if necessary. These include Maggie and Mike Coe, Janet Moule, Sue Rath, Wendy Fowler, Judith Chinn and David Bevan.

Fixtures but will be posted as soon as they are available.

I hope that we can also play some friendly games this year alongside our league fixtures, with the longer term intention of trying to organise an afternoon league closer to us. Mabe and Redruth play in our league but are likely to be persuaded to join a more central one. I have though visited the clubs at Playing Place, St Agnes, Perranporth and Ladock all of whom have expressed an interest in playing friendlies.  I will try to schedule away friendlies on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and home ones on Monday’s and Wednesdays when our teams are playing away, or on Fridays.

Our regular roll ups will be modified this year. Our carpet bowls group have entered 3 teams in their league, which demands another day for home matches, with the only day available being Friday. So for around 8 Fridays during the season the 2 pm slot will be taken by carpet bowls. We can either switch all roll ups to Friday mornings at 10, or just those impacted by carpet bowls. Opinions invited.

We didn’t play any internal club competitions last year and with the introduction of friendlies providing additional opportunities it may be that this is sufficient bowling for us. I welcome your opinions on this too.

David House