Short-Mat Bowls – club competitions and booking system

The teams, and games, have been drawn and are listed below. The first named in the pairs should contact their partner to agree when they can play. Each first named should then contact the other to arrange the match.

The first named in the singles should contact their opponent to make arrangements. I leave it to everyone to decide whether they want a marker for the singles. If someone is available, great, but games can be played without by agreement.

The website booking system has been reinstated, to avoid double booking or overlap with matches and carpet bowls.

Please mark the result on the sheet which will shortly be on the notice board, and notify me. We should try to keep things moving forward so please don’t wait until a round is complete to play your next if it’s possible.

Game 1 Martin Almond & Sue Rath v Wendy Fowler & Andy Lobb
Game 2 Tony Hill & David Jenkin v Janet Moule & Kevin Phillips
Game 3 David Woodman & Paul Bradbeer v Richard Griffin & Mike Coe
Game 4 Maggie Coe & Ian Dodd v Roger Cox & David House
Game 5 Winners game 1 v winners game 2
Game 6 Winners game 3 v winners game 4
Final Winners game 5 v winners game 6

Game 1 Sue Rath v David House
Game 2 Martin Almond v Tony Hill
Game 3 Richard Griffin v Kevin Phillips
Game 4 Wendy Fowler v Maggie Coe
Game 5 David Jenkin v Janet Moule
Game 6 Mike Coe v Ian Dodd
Game 7 Andy Lobb v David Woodman
Game 8 Paul Bradbeer v Roger Cox
Game 9 Winner game 1 v winner game 2
Game 10 Winner game 3 v winner game 4
Game 11 Winner game 5 v winner game 6
Game 12 Winner game 7 v winner game 8
Game 13 Winner game 9 v winner game 10
Game 14 Winner game 11 v winner game 12
Final Winner game 13 v winner game 14