AGM Proposals

If any members have a proposal to present to the AGM for change of Constitution or an item that they wish to be presented at the club AGM they should please pass this on in writing to myself or another committee member before the October Committee meeting.
Chris Johns – MBBC Secretary


Bowls Cornwall have advised of the following proposals that will be put before the Bowls Cornwall AGM for voting, if any member has strong opinions on any of these proposals then please advise any committee member before the October Committee meeting, where our club voting position will be decided.  (apologies for the formatting but that’s how it arrived and I’m not able to get it better than this).

1.  Received from Callington Bowling Club   Proposed by W. T. Rowan and Seconded by G. Body. 

Proposition 1.
To amend General Rule 1.4 of the County Handbook to “Competitors shall not be required to play more than three games in one day in any of the Fours, Triples, Pairs or Singles events.  Competitors may play a fourth or subsequent game of 4 wood or 2 wood singles only by mutual consent of each player.”

The rationale for the proposition is:
Current rules state that “Competitors are required to play at least four games of 2 wood singles in one day.”  This is impossible for some Groups due to low number of entries.  Other Groups currently may ask for a fifth game to be played in the 2 wood singles; whilst this may be possible time wise it takes no consideration as to the mental and physical fatigue in playing some 105 ends in one day.  This proposal provides a solution to both concerns.

Proposition 2.
Bowls Cornwall appoint volunteer assessors to check and approve the quality of bowls greens and rinks selected for use in National Championship qualifying games.

The rationale for the proposition is:
Sub-standard greens or rinks would not be used for such games in compliance with WBB Rule 46.3.

Proposition 3.
Rule 5.14 The Golden Years “to change the start time of the County Semi-Final and Final to be 2.00 p.m.

The rationale for the proposition:
The proposal is a concession to age.  The later start time would avoid the very early start needed by some to report by 9.30 a.m.

2.  Received from Imerys Bowling Club   Proposed by H Pollard and Seconded by H P Stanley

To have the Johns and/or Walker Strip embroidered onto the County shirts.

The rationale for the proposition:
Blazers are no longer required at these matches; therefore, badges are not displayed.

3.  Received from Lostwithiel Bowling Club   Proposed by Richard Read and Seconded by John Berryman 

We propose that under 1.1 of the General Rules the £1 match fee is increased to £2 per venue/player/day with effect from 2023.
In what other sport/pastime would an individual be allowed to use facilities at another club for £1 per day.

The rationale for the proposition is:
Not only are players give use of the club house and its facilities they are also given use of the bowling green which is becoming increasing expensive to maintain with increases in fertiliser costs, fuel costs and chemical costs and difficulty in recruiting volunteers.  Less well-off clubs might apply to hold County and National Competitions if a more realistic charge is made.

4.  Received from Mylor Bridge Bowling Club   Proposed by E Maunder and Seconded by C Johns.

For the Ladies Section –
That early rounds of County competitions with more than 8 entries should be drawn & played as preliminary rounds with play by dates, until entries are down to the final 8.  Quarter finals and
semi-finals to be held on one nominated day.  No more than 2 games should be played on 1 day.

The rationale for the proposition is:
To protect bowlers’ health in these days of increasing temperatures and to encourage greater numbers of entries as members voice concerns regarding the number of games they may currently be expected to play and are therefore not entering events as presently formatted.

5.  Received from Newquay Trenance Bowling Club   Proposed by W H J Goudge and by Alan E Maunder.

The deadlines for the Group 3 preliminary and first rounds of the mixed competitions (pairs, triples, and fours) should be much later and more in line with the other groups.

The rationale for this proposition is:
The deadlines this year were as follows:
Group 3 – 22 May, 16 May, and 29th May
Group 4 – 30 May, 11 June, and 10 July respectively
It has become very difficult to fit all matches in.

6.  Received from Porthleven Bowling Club Proposed by S M Greet Seconded by M McPherson 

That games in the Date League be reduced from 18 ends to 15 ends.

The rationale for the proposition is:
This would result in quicker, more intense games.  It would also give the opportunity to arrange the fixtures at better times for working players.