Bowls England database update

Further to the message of 30th March, this is to confirm that membership data will be submitted to Bowls England on 20th April.

The club holds a membership database which contains full contact information and is used to update and inform members only.  Bowls England have requested further information of a non-contact basis, which is presumably to be used to build a demographic to be used by Bowls England and Bowls Cornwall for marketing and development purposes. This information is not required by MBBC and it is entirely voluntary if you wish to provide it. If you are happy to include it, please inform Chris Johns of your responses to the additional categories listed below and further itemised in his email dated 13th April. If you would rather not provide this data, please confirm this also.

The additional fields are as follows:
Date of Birth – If not provided it will be entered as 1/1/1900 as this field must have an entry.
Gender – Usually obvious (but not always); will be left blank if not specified.
Ethnicity – There is a long list to choose from. If none selected it will be left blank.
Disability – Again a long list and will remain blank if none selected.
Telephone No. – Only landline will be provided unless mobile is the only number given.
Emergency contact – If supplied, give name, relationship, contact no.

Please provide above details asap or confirm that you do not wish this information to be supplied.  Also note that you may request that no personal data at all is submitted and your listing is removed.