Exec. Meeting/Club Competitions – 16th July

The club Executive committee held a meeting today and following items which were discussed and agreed are now relayed to all members for their information.

County Competition Fees – for those members who entered County / National competitions via the club entry form last September, the entry fees have now been refunded to the club. Treasurer Tony Hill will now arrange refunding of those entry fees by cheque to those members affected by this item.

With regard to entries for competition year 2021, as yet we have not received any forms to make applications for those competitions but the County have published their fixture lists for next year on basis that the usual events and competitions will proceed. We anticipate at some time in near future they will approach the clubs for their entry submissions, at which time we will relay to the club membership to enable any entries they wish to be listed for.

Club House – The committee reviewed the processes that would need to be put into place in order to be able to open our main clubhouse area. It is considered by the committee that, at this time, the club would not be in a position to meet those requirements and therefore the Club House will remain closed to use at present. Access to main entrance for in use items and the Unisex toilet facility / hand wash area remain as active currently.

Club Fixture books – These have now been placed inside the main entrance door in a cardboard box (alongside the Yellow County handbooks). The fixture list is obviously redundant in the current situation but if you wish to collect your copy in order to obtain an up to date (as of February) telephone list then they may be collected at your leisure. This year they are not ‘named’ copies so just take the next copy from the  top of the pile.


Following discussion at today’s executive meeting it has been decided to sound out the membership to establish if there is an interest in playing some of the club competitions.

If there is interest we would hope to make the organisation ready for a start at the beginning of August. I would stress that this only leaves approximately 7 weeks to get all the games played so a positive attention to arranging games would need to be made and we may have to be selective regarding which competitions we actually try to run.  Games would need to be arranged within the Covid safety controls that prevail at the time. Bowls Cornwall have now informed us that Club champions 2020 would not be eligible for 2021 Champion of Champions (although at a National level they are) so the Men’s and Ladies Singles are not being put forward as available at this time, Champions from 2019 are carried forward to the 2021 events.

A list of potential club competitions follows below, if you would be interested in any of those then please advise me by reply A.S.A.P. with possible competitions you would consider. After evaluation of numbers responding then a plan will be formulated. Entry fee per competition will be £2 per player.

Mixed Singles (possibly also extending to the Mylor Plate as per last year)
Ladies Handicap singles
Men’s Handicap singles
Mixed Pairs (named partner on application)
Ladies Drawn Pairs
Men’s Drawn Pairs
3 sets of 7
Ladies 2 wood singles

The current Internal Pairs league being played on Wednesdays is planned to continue, with a redraw of partners after completion of these initial 5 weeks. If there are any members that wish to join that internal friendly competition for the 2nd set of games which are due to start from 5th August then could they let Dave House know A.S.A.P. (tel 01872 859439) or dnhouse@hotmail.co.uk

Chris Johns – Hon. Sec.