Fixture clarification when multiple sides in same league

Clarification re. multiple sides in same league.

When we have more than one side in a league, they will, of course, have to play each other.  On such occurrences this is effectively two fixtures, a home match for one and an away match for the other, hence the reason it will show twice on the fixture list.  The side which ‘owns’ the fixture will be shown in the ‘Side’ column.  The team name shown in the fixture heading and highlighted in blue on the list are the opponents, and always have been.

Example from league fixture list:

Tues 17 Oct 2pm MYLOR “A” v MYLOR “B”

Will show on website fixtures as:

Date                   Time           Opponents/Event             Venue     Side             Competition        Rinks  Team  Woods

Tue, 17 Oct, 23  2:00 PM       Mylor A                            Away       Carpet B         Carpet League            2           6          2

Tue, 17 Oct, 23  2:00 PM       Mylor B                            Home     Carpet A          Carpet League            2           6          2

This shows as a ‘Carpet B’ side away to Mylor A, and a ‘Carpet A’ side at home to Mylor B, hence two fixtures, in the same way as if we are playing a different club, it is a fixture for each team.
For the purpose of league administration, points and tables, etc. Mylor A and Mylor B (and now Mylor C) are seen as completely different teams and the website fixtures reflect this.