Men’s League Fixtures – important changes

The online fixture list has been extended to the end of July and updated to reflect amendments and cancellations recently notified.

Additionally, the booking system has been modified in line with current fixtures.

We apologise if any errors have crept in. Please notify if anything needs correcting.

There have been some major changes to the County League structure as follows:

Division 1 matches (Mylor ‘A’ team) will be played under the original format (three 4s with 2 woods each) but the dress code is now grey trousers (with club shirt) for all matches.
Division 2 matches (Mylor ‘B’ team) will now be played as three triples (three 3s with 3 woods each), also with greys dress code.

Please ensure that you are aware of the specific rules for your matches.  Don’t turn up for a B team match with only 2 woods!