Move to Tier 3

Unless we receive specific instructions to the contrary in the days to follow, then for usage of the club facilities please be guided by the government tier 3 stipulations/precautionary measures for which the relevant portion is extracted below.

“You must not meet socially indoors with anybody you do not: – live with – or have a support bubble with:-”

Thus indoors we remain exactly as before where only single members or members from the same bubble can be on the premises at the same time, following all the previous contamination prevention measures.

“You must not meet socially (in a private garden or at most outdoor public venues), with anybody you do not: – live with – or have a support bubble with:-

However, you can see friends and family you do not live with (or do not have a support bubble with) in some outdoor public places, in a group of to 6. This limit of 6 includes children of any age. These outdoor public places include – outdoor sports courts and facilities.”

Thus outdoors we remain exactly as before and can continue to play Petanque with up to a maximum of 6 members from any household if you wish, following all the previous booking / Track & Trace / contamination prevention measures.

Whilst providing members with this information so that they may make their own decisions on the matter, I personally am not encouraging members to meet outside their social bubble. As can be seen on the latest news announcements, with the 2nd vaccine now being approved, we should hopefully have the majority of members immunised by the opening of the outdoor season and we need to keep ourselves safe until that time, so we can look forward to an active season of bowls.

Stay well and we look forward to a better year in 2021.

Chris Johns – MBBC Secretary