‘Other Events’ listing

An update to the ‘Other Events’ system.

There are a couple of glitches to sort out, mainly regarding the booking of multiple places when there are multiple menu options.  Please bear with us while they are resolved, which should be fairly soon.


A new feature on the site is the ‘Other Events’ listing, which can be found in the member’s area under the ‘Fixtures and Events’ heading.

This will show all events which are not club playing fixtures.  These are categorised at present as either social, meeting or hosting, although these categories may change or be added to as the process develops.  This covers club socials, outside socials available to club members, club meetings, outside meetings available to club members and hosted events where we are providing the playing facility or catering.  It does not cover one-off, national or regional matches arranged by an individual club member, for which the rink booking system should be used.

The system uses the same background programme as the fixtures, but with some major differences as follows:

Because no two events are the same, the system is totally flexible in terms of the descriptions and details which are displayed.
It allows for both free of charge and chargeable events to be accommodated.
It allows for bookable or non-bookable events to be listed.  Non-bookable might be the hosting of a County finals day for example.
It enables the purchase or reservation of multiple places on a single booking.
It allows for optional extras to be listed and ordered, both included and chargeable.
For joint playing/social events (such as Charity Day), you can reserve both playing and non-playing places.
The system calculates and displays the total cost (if applicable) for the entire booking.

Where relevant, events which include bowls play, will show on the main fixture list, to avoid double booking or to identify club or green use.  These events will direct the member to the ‘Other Events’ listing for viewing details or making bookings.

It is expected that some oversights will need to be corrected but as always, if you need assistance, call 07890 277110 or mail: info@mylorbowling.co.uk

To book places for ‘Other Events’, simply open the event required form the ‘Other Events’ list (in the same way as you would for a fixture), Check the event details and select the number of places you want to reserve in the ‘Tickets’ section.  If applicable, the price will be shown. Next, select any optional extras you want, which could be chargeable or included.

The total price (if any) will be shown, so arrange payment as shown in the event details.  That’s it!

Do bear with us if  the system doesn’t function perfectly in all situations; there is a lot of background integration which has to be programmed, and it may take a while to build up the resource needed to deal with the various types of event.