Short-Mat Shortage – update

Further to the message below, we can confirm that the Creeksiders team has been removed from the area fixtures (green league), so we will only have one team competing this Winter (in the red league).

David is attempting to arrange friendlies on the now vacant dates; there is one against Ladock on 2nd October.

For the time being the original fixtures will remain on the master list, clearly showing cancelled, to make the position clear.


Unfortunately, for various reasons, three of our Creeksiders Short-Mat team are unable to play this Winter.  Unless they can be replaced very quickly, the team will have to  withdraw from the league, which means the remaining players will lose their matches as well.

Are their any members who are able to fill these positions, even if never having played this format of the game.  There are only twelve matches (6 home, 6 away), so the commitment is not too onerous.  The fixtures can be seen on the main list, marked as ‘cancelled’ for the time being.  All matches are on mid-week afternoons, usually at 2 p.m.(occasionally at 1).

David House is trying to arrange some friendlies to compensate, but most teams are pretty well fixed up.

If you are interested, let David know or turn up at the Friday morning practice roll-ups, from 10 a.m.