Summer Pairs League – update

From David House – Summer Pairs League update and schedule

We will play in 2 groups of 6 teams, one group am, one group pm. We will play 2 rounds of 5 games each, with a redraw for new partners for the 2nd round. The draw for the first round is shown below, along with the time each group will play and the games to be played for each of the first 5 weeks. We will play every Wednesday.

18 ends to be played. Score cards will be available on the telephone table in the clubhouse. 1 per rink please.

The first named player is assumed to be the skip, but a pair can change should they wish to.  Should you want them more details are in the attached. Anyone unable to open a PDF kindly email and I will find another way.

AM Group 10 am start

A) Andy Parker/June Commerford    B) Frank Derbyshire/David Commerford    C) Kevin Phillips/Mike Coe   D)  Adrian Poole/Tony Hill   E) Sue Rath/Leon Simpkin  F) Chris Lane/Roger Riley

Reserves, Maggie Coe, Ernie Drysdale (both will be needed for round 2)

PM Group 2 pm start

A) Frances Walther/David Woodman  B)  Judy Chinn/Colin Bowden   C) Linda Storey/Harry Rawlings  D)   Chris Johns/Carole Woodman   E)  Jeff Askew/Margaret Green   F)  David House/Byron Green

Reserves, Martin Almond/Simon Vincer, Tony O’Sullivan

Round 1  1st  July A v F,  B v E,  C v D

Round 2  8th July F v D,  E v C,  A v B

Round 3  15th July B v F,  C v A,  D v E

Round 4  22nd July  F v E,  A v D,  B v C

Round 5  29th July  C v F,  D v B,   E v A

Please click here for further details on the rules to be observed