AGM Postponed

I regret to inform all members that due to the government restrictions that are in effect in attempts to control the spread of Covid-19, which now limits the numbers that may be present at any meetings to a maximum of 6, the Executive committee have now confirmed by Unanimous vote that under the Constitution section 8 – Para 1 (as revised at the Special General Meeting of 26th August 2020) the Annual General Meeting that was planned for October 28th 2020 is POSTPONED.

The club Executive committee will continue to maintain a review of the Covid restrictions that are in place, and once suitable conditions prevail to establish a new date for the deferred AGM then members will be advised accordingly. In the interim it is anticipated that any Annual reports that would be circulated to members for information in advance of the standard AGM will still be made available for viewing by the end of this month.

Chris Johns – MBBC Secretary